Monday, March 25, 2013


It has been a while since I have updated my blog. So here is a rundown of what has been happening since August. My friend and I started doing preschool with Ella and her daughter. It happens once or twice a week and the girls love it. I'm amazed at how much Ella already knows. She is so excited for Kindergarten. We went into her school to register her and she asked if she could stay and go to school. I am also looking forward to her going...sometimes...I think I will cry the first week but she will love it. Ella is also learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Her cousin Reed who is younger than her can do it and Ella is very competitive. She is determined to learn. Avery is showing her independence. She reminds me so much of Ella and is a little firecracker. She loves to read and get into the cereal. Anytime we see a truck she says "dadda" which makes Wayne smile. She has a stuffed animal monkey that she carries everywhere. It goes to bed with her, sits at the table while she eats and watches from the counter when she is in the bath. She calls it baby and I think it sweet that she loves something so much. Wayne is very busy it at work. After hours he is testing different turbos. He has changed so many of them that I think he can do it with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back :) He comes home pretty tired and works most Saturdays but he enjoys it. I am busy being mom. Making dinners, doing laundry and cleaning the house occupies most of my time. My parents came in November for a visit which was great. They were here for Ella's first primary program. Wayne and I were very proud when she stood up and said her line. She tends to get pretty shy in front of crowds so we were a little nervous but she did awesome!  Ella has my dad wrapped around her little finger so when she asked him to build her a tire swing he said of course! Also, Waynes brother Kyle and his family stopped by the same weekend on their way to Texas. The girls had fun playing with their cousins.  Thanksgiving was spent here and we went out for dinner as a family and had a great time. Very different from what we are used to but it was fun. We went to Utah for Christmas which was nice but everyone came home sick which was not so good. Wayne was the worst and we all know how men get when they are sick!  That sums up what has been going on with us. Enjoy the pictures!